Guidelines for Contributors

The Peritia Style Sheet

Please download the Peritia Style Sheet. It provides guidance on format and referencing and should be consulted before submitting an article or review to the journal. Authors should also refer to the List of Abbreviations attached.

Peer Review 

Peritia is a peer-reviewed journal. All articles are sent to experts who provide feedback on suitability for publication. A peer reviewer may suggest revisions to the article and these will be passed on to the author. We operate a strict policy of blind peer review. The author’s identity is not known to the reviewer and vice versa. The submitted article should not include the name of its author and self-identification, either in the text or in footnotes, should be avoided.


Peritia accepts submissions on any medieval topic. All disciplines are welcomed. Articles are expected to be of the highest quality, representing original research. They should not normally exceed 8000 words in length, including footnotes. Work that will soon be published in substantially the same format as part of a book, or that is already available online, should not be submitted. An article should not be submitted to another journal while still under review at Peritia. We normally only accept one article per author in each issue. The average time for a decision on publication is three months.

Article submissions should be emailed to


Reviewers are expected to provide a clear description of a book’s contents and aims, as well as an indication of its position within wider scholarship. Reviewers should apply an honest and fair critical judgement in their assessment. However, reviewers speak for themselves and their judgements should not be understood as being sanctioned by the editors of Peritia. The journal reserves the right to reject reviews that do not meet the criteria of fair critical assessment.

Peritia has three review lengths. A review article should not normally exceed 3000 words (these are always commissioned). A regular review should not normally exceed 1500 words and a review notice should not normally be in excess of 600 words.

Reviews should be emailed to